Envomed appoints Hagai Yehidi as new CEO


Envomed, the brand behind the Envomed80 on-site medical waste treatment solution, has appointed Hagai Yehidi as its new CEO.

Hagai brings a wealth of international medical device and dental industry experience to his new role, in which he will be tasked with spearheading the global adoption of the Envomed 80 on-site medical waste treatment solution.

Earlier in his career, Hagai headed up strategic development at Medigma Biomedical as part of his role as Executive Director. He made further inroads into the medical sector during his later roles as CEO at Implant B and Global Sales and Marketing Director at Shenpaz Dental.

The experience and contacts gained from these roles will prove to be a significant asset as Hagai focuses on the expansion of Envomed’s global footprint within the medical sector and beyond.

Hagai commented: “I am delighted to join Envomed at a time when the solution they provide – the Envomed 80 – could not be more vital to solving the global medical waste treatment problem. With the additional strain placed on healthcare facilities around the world by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Envomed 80 in reducing costs, and removing the damage done to the environment and public health by ineffective waste treatment methods.  I’m excited to lead Envomed in doing just that”.

Envomed COO Amit Gur commented: “We are extremely excited to welcome a colleague of Hagai’s caliber to the team. His experience in global strategic planning, marketing and sales strategy will be a major asset to the company as will his years of experience in the medical sector.” 


About the Envomed80

The Envomed80 is a scientifically driven, onsite solution for Medical and Infectious Waste treatment. Totally unique in the market today, the Envomed80 shreds and sterilizes medical waste simultaneously, using a scientifically developed and proven chemical liquid technology which has the ability to sterilize medical waste to STAATT level IV. Offering an extremely powerful & environmentally friendly solution, the Envomed80 can treat 80 litres of infectious and sharps medical waste in under 20 minutes.

Environmentally friendly, the Envomed80 has a lower carbon footprint than alternative treatment solutions on the market today. It was developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd, a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery.

Identifying the market’s need for efficient on-site medical waste treatment facilities, MMW made significant investments in R&D and engineered a solution that is revolutionary from economic, safety and environmental perspectives.

A non-compromise game changing solution, The Envomed80 unit offers fully comprehensive validation using both the solid and liquid phases of real infectious waste, including the presence of protein, hemoglobin, carbohydrate, lipids and insoluble fibers.

Its sterilization process using Biocetic – a unique chemical disinfectant technology- consistently demonstrates a 6 LOG10/ml bacterial spores’ reduction, which complies with STAATT level IV, according to the ISTAATT guidelines (both in the liquid and solid phases). Currently, the Envomed80 is the only on-site medical waste treatment technology approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health due to the above comprehensive validation requirements.

The Envomed 80 in Brief

 – Treats up to 80 liters of medical and infectious waste in under 20 minutes

– Facilitates on-site treatment – with no unpleasant odours

– Sterilizes waste to STAAT Level IV using unique chemical technology, known as Biocetic.

– Offers fully validatable results

– Discharges solids in the form of easily disposable ‘confetti’ and liquids into sterilized fluids that can be safely drained as municipal waste.

– Hugely reduces waste volume



For press enquires and interview requests please contact : carl@envomed.com. Tel: +44 7927 840 176

Interviews available with: Mr. Hagai Yehidi


About Envomed

With global headquarters in Israel and a network of distributors all over the world, Envomed has a truly global outlook. Building on Israel’s reputation for driving engineering excellence, Envomed is backed by over 30 years of experience and engineering know-how gained by parent company Maabarot Metal Works Ltd. In

fact, the technology behind the Envomed 80 has already been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Following its debut at the world’s largest medical trade-fair, MEDICA, in 2019, Envomed will continue to be present at all major medical tradeshows around the world. The Envomed 80 is already beginning to revolutionise the world of on-site medical waste treatment with pilots in APAC, South America and in Israel which is Envomed’s local market.

Visit www.envomed.com or email contact@envomed.com for more information.