The machine – Envomed 80

Segregation is fundamental to controlling and dealing with medical waste. The Envomed 80 treats all sharps and
infectious waste in 15 minutes.

This unique machine uses a four-shaft powerful, non-corrosion blades with a firm inert polymeric body, allowing for ultimate productivity. In just 15 minutes, the Envomed 80 treats up to 80 ltrs of infectious and sharps medical waste. The output is a liquid phase that can be discharged into the drainage system, and a solid phase which is up to 80% less in volume and can be thrown away with the regular municipality waste.

No smell, no mess, a low carbon footprint, no worries!

Envomed 80


The Technology – Biocetic

As part of our solution, once the waste has been shredded, it goes through a sterilization process while being rigorously agitated. This process has been intensively studied and with years of research and development we have established the ultimate solution, eliminating resistant bacterial spores and sterilizes to STAATT level IV.  The residue liquid is nontoxic and can be safely discharge down the regular drainage system.

We call it ‘Biocetic’.

How does it work?

Our Biocetic is a powerful oxidizer based on the synergistic operation of Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). The mixture is capable of attacking all cell components, in particular proteins and enzymes. It is highly efficient against the most challenging bacterial spores, and therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

The components of the Biocetic are biologically degradable and therefore by the end of the process the solution can be exposed to the environment without causing harm.

The benefits of Biocetic

No rinsing necessary

No poisonous residues – disintegrates into Acetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen & Water

Sterilization process complies with STAATT level IV


Why PAA?


Biocetic is a powerful biocide based on the active substances Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). Its active substances are widely used in various applications, due to high biocidal efficacy, and having no toxic residues.

No Harmful Residue

Biocetic is comprised of active substances that leave no persistent toxic residues in the environment. Following sterilization, PAA and HP will break into Acetic Acid, oxygen and water.

Effective Biocide

Biocetic is capable of attacking all microorganism groups, including most challenging bacterial spores. It attacks the outer and inner cell components, in particular proteins and enzymes. It is therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

Used in






Water Purification


User Interface

An innovative and intuitive user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) was developed with ease in mind. Using animations, warnings and alerts to ensure safety to the highest level. Allowing for minimum interaction with the medical waste until it is fully sterilized.

Technicians Mode – An integrated technician mode allowing for technicians to provide a service on the Envomed 80, detecting and dealing with technical issues swiftly and with ease.


Routine Validation

Depending on your local regulations, routine validation tests are required. The goal of this is to ensure that the sterilization process is constantly producing valid results. Envomed can provide kits for self routine validation without the need to use the service of external laboratories. Allowing for testing in accordance with the strict recommendations of the STAATT.

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Biological and Chemical Indicators


In order to carry out routine monitoring testing of the sterilization process,  Envomed can provide kits containing biological indicators recommended by the STAATT. The kit contains 106 Geobacillus Stearothermophilus‘  bacterial spores, allowing for routine tests in compliance with STAATT level IV sterilization recommendations, without the need for an external laboratory. Envomed also provides “Reactive ink” indicators for daily monitoring of PAA concentration and the entire process parameters monitoring.