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The vital role of Biocetic in the medical waste treatment process


After years of research, intensive study and development, we have established the ultimate on-site medical waste treatment solution. One which eliminates the most resistant bacterial spores and sterilizes to STAATT level IV. The Envomed 80 on-site medical waste solution shreds the waste and sends it through a sterilization process under a liquid phase using Envomed’s propriety biocide. The residue liquid is nontoxic and can be safely discharged via regular drainage systems as the complete process is totally environmental friendly and sustainable.

We call our proprietary sterilizing agent ‘Biocetic 45’.

Biocetic 45 is based on the synergistic sterilizing effect of Peracetic Acid (PPA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). Both chemicals are strong oxidizers and together, are highly potent at disrupting the cellular activity of pathogenic microorganisms. The main active substance in the Biocetic 45 is PPA.
The components of the Biocetic are biologically degradable and therefore by the end of the process the solution can be exposed to the environment without causing harm.

The benefits of Biocetic 45

No rinsing necessary

No poisonous residues – disintegrates into Acetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen & Water

Sterilization process complies with STAATT level IV

Fast and efficient, the entire process takes only 15 minutes

Why PAA?


Biocetic 45 is a powerful biocide based on the active substances Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). Its active substances are widely used in various applications, due to high biocidal efficacy, and having no toxic residues.

No Harmful Residue

Biocetic 45 is comprised of active substances that leave no persistent toxic residues in the environment. Following sterilization, PAA and HP will break into Acetic Acid, Oxygen and Water.

Effective Biocide

Biocetic 45 is capable of attacking all microorganism groups, including most challenging bacterial spores. It attacks and eliminates the outer and inner cell components, in particular proteins and enzymes. It is therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

The Biocetic 45 is only to be used in conjunction with Envomed on-site medical and infectious waste treatment machinery.

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