Envomed sustainability

The Envomed 80 delivers a suite of sustainability benefits for healthcare providers


When it comes to practical and cost-saving benefits, the advancements made by the Envomed 80 on-site medical waste treatment solution are widely known.

From, speed and sterilization efficacy to offering fully validatable results, the Envomed 80 offers clear advantages over traditional waste treatment methods.

For example, the Envomed 80:

– Treats up to 80 liters of medical and infectious waste in under 20 minutes

– Facilitates on-site treatment – with no unpleasant odours

– Sterilizes waste to STAAT Level IV using unique chemical technology, known as Biocetic.

– Offers fully validatable results

– Discharges solids in the form of easily disposable ‘confetti’ and liquids into sterilized fluids that can be safely drained as municipal waste.

– Hugely reduces waste volume

However, somewhat lesser understood is the fact that when it comes to Sustainability, the Envomed 80 also excels, delivering benefits that really make a difference to the health of the Environment and the public.

Did you know, that the Envomed 80:

1. Reduces transportation

The Envomed 80 is designed to handle medical waste at the hospital site or nearby, which prevents infectious waste from being transported across the country. This removes the risk of public exposure and environmental harm in case of a malfunction, accident or when the procedures are not strictly followed.

2. Reduces waste volume

The shredding process results in an 80% reduction in the volume of waste, and prevents the need to store it before treatment. This prevents risks during storage and transportation as well as the attraction of rodents. The small volume remaining after the shredding can easily be transported to municipal evacuation sites.

3. Reduces CO2 emissions

The machine consumes less than 1kw per cycle of 80 liters. So, in a full working day of 20 cycles the consumption is about 20kw daily. This consumption is very low and negligible compared to autoclave and microwave devices which consume a lot of energy.

4. Uses environment friendly disinfectant

The disinfectant used in the machine is Peracetic Acid, which is recognized as an environmentally “Green” substance since it contains Hydrogen peroxide and Acetic Acid. The hydrogen peroxide disintegrates after the process into water and oxygen, and the acetic acid is a natural substance found in edible vinegar which is not harmful to the environment.

5. Prevents odor during the sterilization process

The process produces no odor at all  – especially notable when compared to heat-based machines. This is a great advantage for the employees and the environment.

6. Reduces use of plastic containers

In Western Europe, it was found that approximately one-third (1/3) of the weight of  medical waste is actually plastic packaging intended for the transportation of the waste outside the hospital. Once the Envomed machine has treated waste inside a  hospital, the hospitals only require plastic bags to contain the remnants, thereby saving massive use of plastic packaging which is destroyed without recycling in the existing sterilization process.

7. Offers the ability to recycle Waste after sterilization

After the chemical sterilization, the sterile waste can be separated and recycled for reuse, thus making the infectious waste treatment process sustainable for the first time. This is currently being implemented as a pilot in Sweden and should become standard in other locations.

8. Provides confidence in the sterilization efficacy

Envomed’s sterilization process has been proven to be effective by official laboratories and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health as a recommended technology for medical waste sterilization. The largest hospital chain in Israel has chosen Envomed and adopted the technology due to the efficiency and safety of its sterilization process as well as the additional advantages of the technology.

9. Is the preferred technology in countries with a high a sustainability awareness

In recent years, countries with a great environmental awareness, have tested various technologies for medical waste treatment.

Recently, the largest Swedish recycling company (STENA), chose Envomed’s technology, which will see the Envomed 80 operating in the largest hospital in Stockholm in future.

Another system is operating in the largest hospital in Finland and they are in the process of purchasing additional machines for hospitals throughout the country.

A further unit was installed in the UK with the aim of installing more throughout the country. It is important to emphasize that the main technology was mainly selected due to safety and sustainability considerations and the desire to reduce emissions while reducing the use of plastic containers required for waste disposal.

Envomed’s technology, which is based on chemical sterilization, was designed first and foremost to provide a solution to environmental problems and help keep our one and only earth clean and safe to live on.


About the Envomed 80

The Envomed 80 is a scientifically driven, onsite solution for Medical and Infectious Waste treatment. Totally unique in the market today, the Envomed 80 shreds and sterilizes medical waste simultaneously, using a scientifically developed and proven chemical liquid technology which has the ability to sterilize medical waste to STAATT level IV. Offering an extremely powerful & environmentally friendly solution, the Envomed 80 can treat 80 litres of infectious and sharps medical waste in under 20 minutes.

Environmentally friendly, the Envomed80 has a lower carbon footprint than alternative treatment solutions on the market today. It was developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd, a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery.

Identifying the market’s need for efficient on-site medical waste treatment facilities, MMW made significant investments in R&D and engineered a solution that is revolutionary from economic, safety and environmental perspectives.

A non-compromise game changing solution, The Envomed80 unit offers fully comprehensive validation using both the solid and liquid phases of real infectious waste, including the presence of protein, hemoglobin, carbohydrate, lipids and insoluble fibers.

Its sterilization process using Biocetic – a unique chemical disinfectant technology- consistently demonstrates a 6 LOG10/ml bacterial spores’ reduction, which complies with STAATT level IV, according to the ISTAATT guidelines (both in the liquid and solid phases). Currently, the Envomed80 is the only on-site medical waste treatment technology approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health due to the above comprehensive validation requirements.