National Immunization Awareness Month – Where do the Needles go?

Natalie Marketing Manager 08.08.2019

What better time than the National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) (August 2019), to discuss the importance of vaccinations and the advancements of disease and illness prevention.

Vaccines act to protect public health from from potentially fatal diseases. In the vast majority of the world, there is a public responsibility to ensure that yourself and your children are up to date on your immunizations. The hope is that over time, dangerous diseases will either be eradicated, protecting the general population. We even vaccinate our pets.

But after your visit to the nurses office and the administration of the vaccine, when we go home and carry on with our lives that little more protected, behind the scenes there is one more needles in the Medical Waste basket that is still posing a treat to our health. Most of us do not think about this and what happens next. But there is an entire field in this Medical Waste and it is of utmost importance to ensure the safe disposal of these needles to continue protecting the population and our environment alike.

Of course this waste goes into the sharps bucket and is sent off with the rest of infectious waste for treatment. The process is long, expensive and potentially dangerous – but nevertheless critically important.

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