Maabarot Metal Works Ltd (MMW) gains regulatory approval for Envomed 80 in South Korea.


Maabarot Metal Works Ltd (MMW) is delighted to announce that it has gained regulatory approval in South Korea for its unique Envomed 80 on-site medical and infectious waste treatment system.

Work on the initial deployment has already begun at Envomed’s Headquarters in Israel, and the first ten (10) Envomed 80 units will be installed in South Korea in the coming weeks.

This news represents a significant step forward in the MMW’s campaign to make effective, environmentally friendly and economical medical waste treatment available to hospitals, on-site, and in a fully vaildatable way.

It comes hot on the heels of another Envomed success story, following HUS Helsinki University Hospital’s recent decision to choose the Envomed 80 to treat their medical and infectious waste on-site – saving at least 30% in waste treatment costs for the hospital.

About the Envomed 80

The Envomed 80 is a scientifically driven, on-site solution for Medical Waste treatment. Totally unique in the market today, the Envomed 80 shreds and sterilizes medical waste simultaneously, using a scientifically developed and proven technology which has the ability to sterilize medical waste to STAATT level IV. Offering an extremely powerful & environmentally friendly solution, the Envomed 80 can treat 80 liters of infectious and sharps medical waste in just 15 minutes.

Environmentally friendly, the Envomed 80 has a lower carbon footprint than alternative treatment solutions on the market today. It was developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd, a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery.

Identifying the market’s need for efficient on-site medical waste treatment facilities, MMW made significant investments in R&D and engineered a solution that is revolutionary from economic, safety and environmental perspectives.

A non-compromise game changing solution, The Envomed 80 unit offers fully comprehensive validation using both the solid and liquid phases of real infectious waste, including the presence of protein, hemoglobin, carbohydrate, lipids and insoluble fibers.

Its sterilization process consistently demonstrates a 6 LOG10/ml bacterial spores’ reduction, which complies with STAATT level IV, according to the ISTAATT guidelines (both in the liquid and solid phases). Currently, the Envomed 80 is the only on-site medical waste treatment technology approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health due to the above comprehensive validation requirements.

David Segev, Envomed CEO, commented: “The entire Envomed team is incredibly excited to be able to introduce our innovative technology to South Korea. Now, hospitals in the country will have the ability to treat their infectious waste in a fast, sustainable and fully validated way. This marks a major step forward, not just for the hospitals themselves, but for the environment and for public health too. Having medical and infectious waste treated safely and efficiently is in everybody’s best interest after all.”

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