Installation at the ESC, Israel demonstrates versatility of Envomed 80 sustainable on-site waste treatment solution


In another breakthrough for sustainable on-site waste treatment, the Envomed 80 has been installed at the Environmental Services Company in Israel. The ESC is a large-scale industrial plant treating a wide range of hazardous waste types.

Traditionally known for its proficiency in treating medical waste, the ESC hazardous waste treatment installation demonstrates the versatility of the Envomed 80 – a major milestone in our drive to implement sustainable on-site waste treatment across the globe.

Making the change to sustainable, on-site hazardous waste treatment.

Earlier this month, the Envomed visited the ESC to supervise the installation of the first Envomed 80 on-site hazardous waste treatment solution at the plant.

Alongside the installation, Envomed’s team of experts also offered training both in the use of the Envomed 80 and in its all-important performance validation kit.

Envomed 80 will help the ESC to unlock both environmental and financial savings whilst also reducing public health risks.

By simply switching to the Envomed 80 on-site hazardous waste treatment solution, over time the ESC will benefit from:

  • Financial savings – compared with the cost of external incineration
  • Reduced carbon footprint

The Envomed 80 makes all of this possible because it:

  • Facilitates on-site treatment – with no unpleasant odours. Reduces carbon footprint and the margin for error / mismanagement of the waste treatment process
  • Treats up to 80 liters of hazardous waste in under 20 minutes, allowing the ESC to stay on top of increasing hazardous waste demands
  • Sterilizes waste to STAAT Level IV – removing the need to use burning-solutions
  • Offers fully validatable results – removing the danger to public health posed by inefficient waste treatment.
  • Discharges solids in the form of easily disposable ‘confetti’ and liquids into sterilized fluids that can be safely drained as municipal waste. Simplifying the waste treatment process, reducing the carbon footprint of the plant.
  • Hugely reduces waste volume.

A non-compromise game changing solution, The Envomed 80 unit offers fully comprehensive validation using both the solid and liquid phases of real hazardous waste.

Its sterilization process consistently demonstrates a 6 LOG10/ml bacterial spores’ reduction, which complies with STAATT level IV, according to the ISTAATT guidelines (both in the liquid and solid phases). Currently, the Envomed 80 is the only on-site medical waste treatment technology approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health due to the above comprehensive validation requirements.

David Segev, Envomed CEO commented:

The installation at the ESC marks a major milestone in the adoption of the Envomed 80 as a cross-sector sustainable on-site waste treatment solution.

Whilst the Envomed 80 has proven – after numerous successful installations across the globe – its ability to treat medical waste on-site in a fully validatable and sustainable way, the installation at the ESC allows us to demonstrate the Envomed 80’s proficiency in treating hazardous waste off-site as well.

This progression can only benefit the environment, public health and institutions like the ESC as we help them to unlock both financial and carbon footprint savings thanks to the efficiency of the Envomed 80.