Команда Envomed успешно завершила неделю продвижения Envomed 80 в Южной Корее


The Envomed team touched down in South Korea at the beginning of this week knowing a full schedule of engagements awaited them.

Now the team can reflect on a week of success, as their packed schedule of training, seminars and sales meetings all furthered the growing reputation of our Envomed 80 on-site sustainable medical waste treatment solution in the Far East.

First on the agenda was a series of service training sessions, followed by a seminar at our business partner’s facility in Wonju.

The following day, the team chaired a seminar with the National Institute of Environmental Research.


The seminar, which also included the A.M. officials, was used to illustrate the key benefits of the Envomed 80 on-site, sustainable medical waste treatment solution:

— Treats 80 litres of infectious and sharps medical waste in under 20 minutes
— Waste is sterilised to STAAT Level IV in safe, sustainable way – on site!
— Sterilisation of both the solid and liquid waste phases is fully validatable
Powerful suite of GTP tools for self-performance verification  
— Compact size
— No unpleasant odours
— No need to compromise!

The week was capped off with a series of productive sales meetings, during which it was made clear to the team just how highly the Envomed 80 solution is regarded in the region.

None of the above would have been possible without the fantastic support of our South Korea team, who arranged and co-ordinated the tightly-packed agenda.

The trip followed the important announcement earlier this year that Maabarot Metal Works Ltd (MMW) had gained regulatory approval in South Korea for the Envomed 80

With the first 10 units already installed in the region, it is only a matter of time before the Envomed team returns to South Korea to continue the development of sustainable medical waste treatment with our partners in the Far East.